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Father: Multi Champion Hawkinsara Boo for Aresvuma Grand Ch.BGR , Ch.INT , Ch.BALT , Ch.BLR , Ch.BGR , Ch.LVA , Ch
Mother: N uch Shavano's Proud To Be Bellarosaria
date of birth: 2020-03-30
We are expecting puppies in March 2020

contact name: Lisbeth Endresen
Gamle Dals veg 123
phone: +4745960071
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Multi Champion Hawkinsara Boo for Aresvuma Grand Ch.BGR , Ch.INT , Ch.BALT , Ch.BLR , Ch.BGR , Ch.LVA , Ch
Hawkinsara Boo for Aresvuma
Ch.DEU Zuritamu Yadi
Zuritamu Yadi
Ch.INT , BdSg , Ch.DEU , Ch.CHE , Glenafric Ulanyo of Zuritamu
CH Usakose Theboy From Ozat Roodedraai
CH Caprivi Gun O Mfumo
Usakose Town Tempress
CH Entle Neliswa Of Glenaffric
Roodedraai Metzimetzi
Chibuluma Bongayo of Entle
Zuritamu Takima
INT S DK N FIN CH VDH NL BE LU Kinyemi Anzi A'bhubesi
INT NORD FIN GBVDH CH NORDV-99 Aakemba King Astor Gi' Fumo
Zumeli`s Anzika
Zuritamu Joana
Vishala Kinghunter Lance
Zuritamu Chenza
Clachan Shashi
Clachan Shashi
Clachan Starbill
Thaba Siyakwela
Roodedraai Starlet Of Clachan
Delphia Jameson Star of Tatsfield
Danest Red Mystery Of Roodedraai
Rindurr's Princess Jasmine of Clachan
CA CH Ginty Rindurr Steals The Show
Aust Grand Ch Bearstar Doulen Ko E T
CA CH Rindurr Sweet Ginger And Thyme
CA CH Rindurr Queen Margrt Milky Way
CA CH Rindurr Marches In Like A Lion
CA CH Rindurr's Lady Montague
N uch Shavano's Proud To Be Bellarosaria
Shavano's Proud To Be Bellarosaria
INT LT LV RU UA SE UCH Fi ch rWW-13 Maiden's Kalahari Kandy
Maiden's Kalahari Kandy
Maiden's Incredible Indy
SE VCH Alfalyans Midas
Alfalyans Hole In One
Alfalyans Fortuna Dalla Svezia
Maiden's Exlibris Eliza
NUCH Mandela
SE UCH Maiden's Adventure Azzaritza
Maiden's Highlight Hayden
NORDUCH SVCH Hayawani Zamburo Majo
Amukela Mambana Anzu
Saragwe Nozipo Mwingereza
SE UCH Maiden`s Charming Christa
Arcanas Carouso
S N UCH Evergraces Sweet Marilyn Monroe
INT NORD DK UCH Shavano's Look Out For Tia Tequila
Shavano's Look Out For Tia Tequila
INT NORD EE LET UCH NORDV-08 Kangelani's Gentle Thanzi By Clay FINV-08 NV-10-11-15 EUVW-15 NVV-15
ZA ZW CH Globe's Roving Red Regent
US CH Royalton's Blue Max
US CH Globe's Calia Toi Soldier
INT NORD UCH KBHV-04 Kamba Anatulinda's E'zena
AM CA INT CH Wetu Of Kalahari
INT N S FIN UCH Sixemm Kissedby Anangel
INT NORD UCH N SE VCH Shavano's I Am Jambo NORDJV-06 NVV-14 NORDVV-14 NVV-15
N UCH Garrys Choice Is Simsela Atlas
N UCH Amageba's Aziwa Bulli Mathari
Loustigens Nice And Noble Sandy
INT NORD UCH NV-05-07 Shavano's Ghanima Leah NVV-11
N UCH Exgate's Hennessy Botha
N S UCH NORDV-02 Dumela Ma Evita Of Shavano