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N UCH Zanzibar Sangoma  

DOB: 14-03-2014
Deceased: -
RegNo: -
Color: Red Weathen
Country of origin: Poland
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 100%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 48 in 5 gen. (77.42%), unique: 48)
results (3)
- Exc.CHK 2.CHKK CK, show: NKK Kristiansand, Kristiansand, Norway on 17-03-2018, judge: Ekström Persson, Gina
- Exc.CHK 2.CHKK, show: Norsk Miniatyrhund Klubb, Letohallen / Eidsvoll, Norway on 04-03-2018, judge: Lobakin, Victor
- Exc.CHK 2.CHKK CK 2.BHK, show: Norsk Miniatyrhund Klubb, Letohallen / Eidsvoll, Norway on 03-03-2018, judge: Yerusalimsky, Eugene
Zanzibar+Sangoma Zanzibar+Sangoma
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
RU CH LT UA BY CH Yudjin Alen King
Yudjin Alen King
Crownwood Masonga
Kulima Hintza
Crownwood Brutalpride
Tina Trading Camelia
Crownwood Foegiele
Goodhope King Arthur
Tikulama Thana Of Goodhope
Vaalbosch Sascha Of Goodhope
Crownwood Behest
Karoskloof Zintatu Nika
Millridge Schumba Of Crownwood
Tina Trading Simona
CH Mshindaji`s The Mane Event ROM
Mshindaji`s What a Doozy
PL LT CH Tajemnica Tkwi W Ogonku Sangoma
Tajemnica Tkwi W Ogonku Sangoma
AU NZ UCH Rhodepark Red Dragon
AU US CH Camelot's Code Red
AM CH Kimani's Blue Chip Image J C
JC Kimani`s The Standard Image
Kimani`s Tia Pajani
AM CH Camelot's Follow The Sun
ZW CH US CH Camelot's Technical Knockout
CH Kwetu`s Brownian Motion ROM
AU CH Rhodepark Mi Illusion E.t.
CH Isilwane Frequent Flyer
Ujamaa Fauve
CH Isilwane Polgara E.T
CH Kenricky Maddys Girl
Nkazimlo Duma
Kenricky Ariana
Harjaselän Ijumaa Imani
Rex Ventors Corregidor
AU CH Bearstar Ko
Eilack Apollo
Ujamaa Ceres
FI UCH FI V-97 Ökensandens Savanah Afdjungelkatten
Bowbridge Ndoto Mukundi
S N UCH Djungelkattens Emma Von Enderberg
Mashaba's Harubah
CH Merigals Chipili
CH Dilesridge Morgause
Shadyridge Penda Of Ikimba
AM CH Cave Creek's Redhouse Mingo
ch Shadyridge Fuzu JC RE
Direct offspring
With: Ridgedogs Celebrated Mira
Ridgedogs Jewelry Aragorn of Mira
Ridgedogs Jewelry Bruno of Mira
Ridgedogs Jewelry Enya of Mira
Ridgedogs Jewelry Goggen of Mira
Ridgedogs Jewelry Leo of Mira
Ridgedogs Jewelry Lexie of Mira
Ridgedogs Jewelry Mio of Mira
Ridgedogs Jewelry Smula of Mira
With: N UCH Ridgedogs Delicious Ready
Ridgedogs LoveAtFirstSight Amos
Ridgedogs LoveAtFirstSight Daia
Ridgedogs LoveAtFirstSight Dexter
Ridgedogs LoveAtFirstSight Diego
Ridgedogs LoveAtFirstSight Lucy
Ridgedogs LoveAtFirstSight Pixel
Ridgedogs LoveAtFirstSight Storm
Ridgedogs LoveAtFirstSight Whiskey
From same sire and dam:
no data
From same sire (Yudjin Alen King):
no data
From same dam (Tajemnica Tkwi W Ogonku Sangoma):
With: INT UCH Thokoza Ngumo
PL CH Wytrawny Gucci Sangoma
With: INT UCH Arengo Essenceof Haika
Ustawicznie W Biegu Sangoma
With: INT UCH Thokoza Ngumo
CH Sangoma Wesola Lapka