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N UCH Ulwazi's Adjua Shaka By Edelrood  

DOB: -
Deceased: -
RegNo: NO36760/11
Color: Weathen
Country of origin: Norway
Owner : -
Breeder : Ulwazi
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 4.26%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 96.8%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 60)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
INT NORD DK SE N FI UCH SE VCH Inanda Mellberg Edelrood
Heshima Ya Kimba Energy Of Red
US CH SA CH Karoskloof Bayezana Naka
Kulima Love That Red Of Karoskloof
ZA ZW CH Globe's Roving Red Regent
ZA CH Tatsfield Red Regent Charm Ofkulima
Karos Nomsa Of Karoskloof
SA CH Pronkberg Matange
ZA CH Heshima Ya Kimba Chakanyuka
US I CH Bango Leoridge
US CH Filmmaker's Never Surrender
I CH Keenya Aries Blossom Of Zeus
Heshima Ya Kimba Ashari
NL VDH CH INTUCH VV96 BV-95 Rydgeway African Hunter
CH Bella-Kimba
Lionesque Clementine
ZA ZW CH Rekaylahn Jabulisa Of Clachan
ZA CH Umvutcha Lhazula
Lionhill Merryman Of Umvutcha
Umvutcha Nyamazan
Rekaylahn Titian Mischief
Tatsfield Red Archer
ZA CH Rekaylahn Indonsakusa
Clachan Aleca
ZA CH Roodedraai Taka
ZA ZW CH Globe's Roving Red Regent
ZA CH Delphia Jasi Boloka Of Roodedraai
ZA CH Lloyren Bostella Of Clachan
ZA CH Chucklenook Bobedi Of Clachan
Lionhill Miss Muffet Of Levanga
N SE UCH Kangelani's Gentle Loba By Clay
Kangelani's Gentle Loba By Clay
ZA ZW CH Globe's Roving Red Regent
US CH Royalton's Blue Max
US CH Raintree's Dakota Outlaw
AM CH Kwetu Ruffian's Reviewer
Missie of Raintree
US CH Royalton Pocket Full Of Charm
Kwetu's Pocket Full Of Promise
Cassandra's Charm of Raintree
US CH Globe's Calia Toi Soldier
US CH Turoka Globe's Casino Renose
AM CH Kali's Reno Of Arkenstone
US CH Kimbida's Crackling Rose
US CH Globe's Kesa Paka Lia
Globe`s Askari Sala
Bellwether Takele Anza
INT NORD UCH KBHV-04 Kamba Anatulinda's E'zena
AM CA INT CH Wetu Of Kalahari
AM CH Crescent's The Power Of Gold
AM CH Mine Creek's Pay Dirt
AM CH Freland's Dawn's Pride
AM CH Kalahari Abeni Tshokoleti
AM CH Kwetu's Kalahari Karavan
Kalahari Chocolate Chip
INT N S FIN UCH Sixemm Kissedby Anangel
AU CH Chilolo Copper Bandit
AU CH Lionveldt Akobi Delage
AU CH Chilolo Key Witness
Sixemm Illusive Gift
AU CH Ballahond Bernarro
AU CH Sixemm Rahnas Gift
Direct offspring
With: Clarissa Ros-ria Bawean's Hope
Dekeza`s Esinam Birk By Shaka
Dekeza`s Esinam Enya By Shaka
Dekeza`s Esinam Ester Estelle
Dekeza`s Esinam Fiji`s Sade
Dekeza`s Esinam Kito By Shaka
Dekeza`s Esinam Mafanikio
Dekeza`s Esinam Maya By Shaka
Dekeza`s Esinam Nitro By Shaka
Dekeza`s Esinam Uzuri By Shaka
From same sire and dam:
N UCH Ulwazi's Adjua Khan By Edelrood
N UCH N VCH Ulwazi's Adjua Conan By Edelrood
N UCH Ulwazi's Adjua Angel By Edelrood
From same sire (Inanda Mellberg Edelrood):
With: Unknown
NJV-12 Ridgebow`s Vega Of Edelrood
With: S VCH Rekaylahn Amber
SE VCH Inanda Mellberg Otto Jv Of Ersted
With: SE UCH Ridgebow´s Odara Of Zazazela
SJV-12 Sabaku Inus Bakari Of Edelrood
With: Imkahena Hluhluwe
Nyangoma African Harvey
With: Vizara Likozi Karamu
Likozi Bongoro Tau
With: S VCH Rekaylahn Amber
NORD INT UCH Inanda Mellberg Ludvig Of Rold
With: Athena
GCHG DC Uwanja's Raatum BN SC CGCU RN
With: Imkahena Hluhluwe
Nyangoma African Jatoo
With: DKCH Bikita's Legacy Anaya LP1 RBM LP2 RØM KLBCH
Bikita's Legacy Baloo
From same dam (Kangelani's Gentle Loba By Clay):
no data