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GB IR CH Trendsetter Mtoko  

DOB: -
Deceased: -
RegNo: KCSB2618CD
Color: Weathen
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 95.1%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 61 in 5 gen. (98.39%), unique: 58)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
GB CH Rejan Qualitaire
GB CH Rejan Mandingo
Mac Of Resan
Mteni Rufus
Glenaholm Sinda
Starlight Lucky
Starlight Landon of Lyonesse
Starlight Gay Lady
Rejan Supergirl
Ionian Major
Argos of Rhodes
Houghtonvale Princess
GB CH Ridinghills Juliana
Ridinghills Dazee
Ridinghills Colette
Gunthwaite Tanzi Of Rejan
Gunthwaite Amacuba
Rejan Hussar of Whittington
Ionian Major
GB CH Ridinghills Juliana
Gunthwaite Arrabella
Ridinghills Stroller of Gunthwaite
Houghtonvale Kilmoor of Gunthwaite
Gunthwaite Kasuli
GB CH Mkishi's Nallim Mhlekazi
S AFR CH Komkhulu's Imbeko
S AFR CH Nallim Kade
Gunthwaite Sapphire
Umkana N'danga
Hogthonvale Killmore
Glenaholm Chispas Of Trendsetter
Glenaholm Baleba
Glenaholm Dlomluka
Glenaholm Gawain
Alfon Mwambi of Kyaphatsha
Glenaholm Naomi
Injana Ukuna of Glenaholm
Mr. Kelly
Alfon`s Umguza
Glenaholm Belladonna
Glenaholm Gandolf (Of Mpstatau)
Glenaholm Sakaza
Glenaholm Zolabela
Ch Glenaholm Juma
Giya of Glenaholm
SA CH Glenaholm Champagne
Glenaholm Gungadin of Waitakare
Glenaholm Attis of Pamparidge
Glenaholm Lalela
Bryanridge Boadicia of Glenaholm
Komkhulu`s Isihlobo of Glenaholm
Maxwood`s Taundi Of Bryanridge
Glenaholm Chandra of Waitakare
Glenaholm Shooting Sun
Maxwood Ziph
Glenaholm Christabel
Glenaholm Chanticlear
Mushana Chishamiso of Leeridge
Glenaholm Naomi
Direct offspring
With: Shawema Kruger Gold
Shawema Val'n Tina Of Janak
With: Mwenga Marijka
Mwenga Melody Of Saragwe
With: Rejan Akiki of Trendsetter
Trendsetter Kamilika of Veldtkammer
With: Janak Jaade Of Jespah
GB CH N S UCH Jespah Alekzandr Of Janak
With: Glenforest Shinwa
Fahari of Trendsetter
From same sire and dam:
Trendsetter Binti
Chispas Debutante Of Rejan
From same sire (Rejan Qualitaire):
With: Gunthwaite Tanzi Of Rejan
Rejan Akiki of Trendsetter
With: Rejan Zacky
Rejan Chimerical Of Trendsetter
With: Shona of Burnocholm
Mursil Huntsmaster of Barca
CH Flametrees Bay Master Of Trendsette
From same dam (Glenaholm Chispas Of Trendsetter):
no data