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CH Thokoza Meranga  

DOB: 15-11-2000
Deceased: -
RegNo: VDH04/109Ü3861
Color: -
Country of origin: -
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 4.69%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 88.7%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 55)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
That's Why He Is Wa-wa
Chywanja Arik
JC Kimani`s The Standard Image
US CH Kimani's Sharper Image
USCH Gitano Of Raintree
USCH Kimani's Status Symbol
Shabani of Sprucewood
CH Tampo`s Pumbaa Shani ROM
Kimani`s Jimina ROM
Johokwe India
Mushana Chenga
Challengers Jacaranda
Johokwe Gala
INT CH VDH CH Makaranga Famous Chaka
Juba Delle Cime-Bianche
NL CH That's Why She Is Twice As Nice
S UCH That's Why He Is Oskar
Rivendell's Reinhold The Red
Rogue Of Rivendell
Rivendell's Mountain Rainbow
Gina Delle Cime Bianche
ITCH Stamland Alder
That`s Why She is the Limit
Mushana Gomana
Mushana Daktari
Abelenburg Beatrix
Rydgeway That's why
Glenaholm Gawula
Ch Glenaholm Galore of Rydgeway
NL CH Thokoza
Mushana Gomana
Mushana Daktari
Mushana Starr Jameson
Lord Sam
Mushana Fiona
ch Glenaholm Lady Muck Of Mushana
Timmy of Rosella
Glenaholm Inyosi
Abelenburg Beatrix
Trezridge Utjaka
Ulundi Uthaba Tau of Trezridge
Ulundi Uitsteekend
Byrine Sinola
CH Pethaven Karro
Alkarri Duchess
Rydgeway Shumwari
Jubilo Delle Cime Bianche
ITCH Stamland Alder
Ulundi Umzingeli of Stamland
Maxwoods Liefling
S A CH Shangara's Checheni
Mpanis Russet
NL BE LU CH INTUCH VV89 Rydgeway Copper Coin
Ch Dimple Von Maira Hofstede
Ch Avondson Topper
Ch Glenaholm Galore of Rydgeway
Ulundi Umzingeli of Stamland
Glenaholm Chanticlear
Direct offspring
With: Thokoza Buba
CH Meranga Grande African Queen
With: CH Chipangalis Kamani
Meranga Grande Bohati Nala
With: C I B,BIS, MBISS, Multi CH. (DEN, CZ, SWIZ, POL, LUX, GER, NED, Ikimba Waitimu
Meranga Grande Chanty
From same sire and dam:
no data
From same sire (That's Why He Is Wa-wa):
With: Dancer
Dea Decora's Baron
From same dam (Thokoza ):
With: Chywanja Arik
Thokoza Azibo