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Soltoppen's Bomani To Evergrace  

DOB: 29-12-2004
Deceased: -
RegNo: 03807/05
Color: Red Wheaten
Country of origin: Norway
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 96.8%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 60)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
S UCH NORDJV-03 SV-06 Rex Ventors Hero To Evergrace
AT INT CSSP HU VDH CH Chipangali's Kadani
INTUCH MCCH Tandiwe Merigal's Mad Gambler
US CH Turoka Globe's Casino Renose
AM CH Kali's Reno Of Arkenstone
US CH Kimbida's Crackling Rose
Calico Ridge Valkyrie Maiden
Calico Ridge the Warlord
Calico Ridge Midnite Special
INT AT UCH Agnes Visconte De Simon
ATCH INTUCH Basko V Fürstenbach
Gaius Von Der Ybbstalheide
Gahama Von Der Beernau
Edda V Wagnerhof
Mennystones Shingi
Cobalets Lifeling
NORD UCH Rex Ventors Daquila
NLCH LUCH Guus Of Bo Kama
NLCH Moran V Kweekhoven
CH Rydgeway Red Timber
Lionhill Mpanya
Minga of Bo Kama
Umvuma Duchess
NORD INT UCH VCH SV-97 NV-98 Bearstar Diamond Willow FINV-98-99-00
AU CH Bearstar Ko
Eilack Apollo
Ujamaa Ceres
AU CH Bearstar Chilean Willow
Veldthund Sabre
Bearstar Itchycoo Park
N UCH Soltoppen's Kamili Sacha
Krismidt's Garp Phillip
AUST CH Bosjesman Mukundi
AU CH Marsabit Madahiro
AUSTLCH Trezridge Uekoto
AUST CH Sebakwe Shirazze
Sandfire Thika Azima
Kajongwe`s Cobre Azul Tejon
AUSTCH Sandfire Kibo Karamu
N UCH Nyamanjis African Lady Zulu
N UCH Nyassa Kanto
Nyassa Tumani
Janak Chloe Of Nyassa
N UCH NV-91 Wicksy Wagpower
INT NORD UCH NV-87 Mankoya`s Trigo
N UCH Mwindaji Wa Simbwa's Belinda Mimosa
Krismidt's Exantippe Simba
Bowbridge Ndoto Mukundi
AUST CH Marsabit Mfumo
AU CH Marsabit Madahiro
Ulundi Ushaba
Bowbridge Cosmic Vision
AUST CH Bosjesman Mukundi
Bowbridge Star Fantasy
Exgate's Exantippe Ridgie
N UCH Gunthwaite Arrogance
GB CH Rejan Mandingo
Gunthwaite Kasuli
INT N S UCH Kasiwickis Daughter Gipsy
N UCH Mwindaji Wa Simba's Charming Amoros
N S UCH Maridadis Darling Wicki
Direct offspring
no data
From same sire and dam:
Soltoppen's Bashiri By Hero
Soltoppen's Boma By Hero
Soltoppen's Bakari By Hero
Soltoppen's Baakir By Hero
Soltoppen's Binah By Hero
Soltoppen's Bimkubwa By Hero
Soltoppen's Bahiya By Hero
Soltoppen's Batuuli By Hero
From same sire (Rex Ventors Hero To Evergrace):
With: Nyassa Legacy
S UCH S VCH Rex Ventors Limited Edition
With: Hasselsnårets Norma Jeane Baker
Hunting Prides Chyulu Chaka
Hunting Prides Chyulu Chambo
Hunting Prides Chyulu Chanecia
Hunting Prides Chyulu Chetu
Hunting Prides Chyulu Chifu
Hunting Prides Chyulu Chuma
With: S VCH Rex Ventors Kayenne
SEVCH,SEUCH,LVUCH Rex Ventors Pegasus
Rex Ventors Penya
Rex Ventors Penzima
With: Nyassa Legacy
N SE UCH Rex Ventors Rakel
With: NORD UCH NV-04 Rex Ventors Iyeliz
Evergraces Reliable Radya
Evergraces Reliable Rhodesia
RLD N F A M Evergraces Reliable Rudo
From same dam (Soltoppen's Kamili Sacha):
With: Mufudzi Mocha Magic
Soltoppen`s Magic Angel
Soltoppen's Magic Ammi
Soltoppen's Magic Amber
Soltoppen's Magic Aaron
Soltoppen's Magic Aziza
Soltoppen's Magic Angel
Soltoppen's Magic Amorina
Soltoppen's Magic Arissa
With: S VCH Rex Ventors Jabailey
Soltoppen's Caizer By Jabailey
Soltoppen's Canto By Jabailey
Soltoppen's Caleb By Jabailey
Soltoppen's Conan By Jabailey
Soltoppen's Cera By Jabailey
Soltoppen's Cassandra By Jabailey
Soltoppen's Charma By Jabailey
Soltoppen's Chiquita By Jabailey
Soltoppen's Centha By Jabailey
Soltoppen's Chanell By Jabailey