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GB CH S N UCH NORD V-83-84 Rooinek Jason Of Janak  

DOB: -
Deceased: -
RegNo: S21984/83
Color: Weathen
Country of origin: -
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 91.9%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 57)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
GB CH Mkishi's Nallim Mhlekazi
S AFR CH Komkhulu's Imbeko
ZA CH Bosun
Marquardsingel's Tora
Mpani`s Chimombe
Marquardsingel's Tarin
Leeukraal's Tessa
Leeukraal's Boesman
Robanton`s Sally of Wayander
Komkhulu's Phumla
Komkhulu's N'Gotya
Moshate`s Inkose of Ton-Ora
Teresa of Ton-Ora
Moshate`s Sabrina of Ton-Ora
Umhlangeni of Moshate
De Holi`s Intemby of Moshate
S AFR CH Nallim Kade
Mitre Of Valbona
Cedric Pongo
Trefonen Meru
Glenaholm Cedric Collette
Grace Of Valbona
Cedric Zipp
Glenhaw Regina
Markgrafin Olga
Mpani`s Chimombe
Mpani's Tsiga of Inkabusi
Kwanda of Manyonga
Markgrafin Mtambazan Von Der Pfalz
Monzamili of Komkhulu
Markgrafin Henneke v.d. Pfalz
Janak Purdey Of Rooinek
GB CH Janak Piedt
GB CH Janak Leader
Janak Hoghtonvale Kes
N'Vondo Of Marshelf
Janak Katina
Janak Lee
CH Janak Kraig
Ridinghills Sofola
Hoghtonvale Kit Of Janak
GB CH Fundu Of Footpath
CH Mingo of Manscross
Fiery Lyonesse of Footpath
Janak Katina
CH Pyewipe Prince
CH Janak Joss
Janak Lynn
Umtali Guardsman Of Janak
Zuagli M'tombi
Veldspringer Simba
Dudwell Inyanga
Leonore Of Lyonesse
CH Mbagathi's Banso of Pandanoel
Oscar's Marina Maria
GB CH S UCH Janak Saara
INT UCH Dannar of Janak
Rafters Springbok
Zurbeck Mintah
Hoghtonvale Kit Of Janak
GB CH Fundu Of Footpath
Janak Katina
Direct offspring
With: Janak Leoni
Janak Otto At Eagleridge
With: S UCH Kinghunter's Daria-lionlife
S UCH Parih's Eileen-phoebe
With: SE UCH Gunthwaite Angeleena
SUCH Haibas Ritzo
Haibas Rafiki
Haibas Rozzo
With: Janak Madeleine
Janak Maja Of Mkishi
Janak Justina
With: INT NORD UCH NV-82 Loustigens Fair Georgina
S UCH Samanthas Stunning Super Lion
Samanthas Show Stoper
With: SE UCH FI UCH Loustigens Fair Grace
SE UCH Evergraces Lady Janice
With: N S UCH Kinghunter's Arina-Lioneye
N UCH Mwindaji Wa Simba's Charming Amoros
Mwindaji Wa Simba's Daring Alfalfa
Mwindaji Wa Simba's Abigail
Mwindaji Wa Simba's Speeding Akita
INT N S UCH Mwindaji Wa Simba's Flottering Alfo
Mwindaji Wa Simba's Dreaming Acanth
With: SE UCH FI UCH Loustigens Fair Grace
Evergraces Lady Gwendolyn
From same sire and dam:
no data
From same sire (Mkishi's Nallim Mhlekazi):
With: Gunthwaite Sapphire
Gunthwaite Kasuli
Gunthwaite Carmen
With: GB CH Rhoda Of Janak
GB CH N UCH Nordostufial Liza Of Janak
From same dam (Janak Purdey Of Rooinek):
no data