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Can Ch Mazoe's Red Camaro Of Course  

DOB: 13-07-2015
Deceased: -
RegNo: HP50287405
Color: Wheaten
Country of origin: United States
Owner : Of Course
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 1.44%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 91.9%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 57)
Mazoe%27s+Red+Camaro+Of+Course Mazoe%27s+Red+Camaro+Of+Course
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
BVISSS Hawt Rod Lincoln Of Course
Hawt Rod Lincoln Of Course
Redskyes hr Comes th Sun
Lionridge's Remington
US CH Nashira's Excalibur Of Ridgelea
US CH Ridgelea's General Tyvader
Mshindaji's Natasha
Lionridge's Afrika Lady
AM CH Juba Lee's Mandela Of Oakhurst
Lionridge's Aly Simba
Wyndrunhr Sunni Skyes of Gold
CH Calico Ridge Solid Gold Hero ROM, BISS
CH Calico Ridge Sat Nite Special ROM
Calico Ridge Morning Desire ROM
wyndrunhr shani skydance
CH Wyndrunhr High Veldt Vader JC, ROM
Wyndrunhr Ashanti Silk
MBVIS, BVISS, BOSS, Ch. Seize The Fire of Course
Seize The Fire of Course
Granby Little Big Man TDX
Regalcrowns Beausoleil
Calico Ridge Tai Radi
Can Ch Mshindaji's Calluna Ayla
Granby Jakkals Mafaro
Rainbow`s Bosveldt Jakkals
Hottentots Langpoot Penelope
Wyndrunhr Airborne of Course
Rajataru Dbltake Baraka
US CH Ridgelea Rajput Agnikant
CH Dbltake Call the Wind Mariah
Wyndrunhr Never on a Sunday
US CH Filmmaker's Never Surrender
Wyndrunhr Ashanti Silk
Mazoe's Gold Scimitar Of Course
BISS, BPISS Ch The Black Pearl Of Course
The Black Pearl Of Course
Paradigm Total Chaos Reigns
Ridgelea`s Shakar Viken
Crosswicks Time Loves a Hero
Ridgelea Saber Sharpest Edge
CH Sienna's Roxanne Of Paradigm
US CH Kimani's Sharper Image
Sienna's Seminole Wind
CH Granby Red Jade of Course
Ch Kopera's Gusto Of Course
CH Rajataru El Toro
CH Wheatenridge`s Challenger
Granby Jakkals Mafaro
Rainbow`s Bosveldt Jakkals
Hottentots Langpoot Penelope
Mazoe's Whirly Girlie
Tundra's WM Augsburg Courage
Courage William R Dangerdog
Rajataru Dbltake Baraka
Jimal Christa Jesara Courage
Majazzi Ya Jamah
Spirit of Tammy Krizman
Tsunami The African Terror
Mazoe's Io
Ch Mount Ridge Mokoro
DC Mazoe's Mokororo JC
Mount Ridge Steel Magnolia
Mazoe's Phaedra JOR
DC Denali's Jomo Wa Kirinyaga CD, MC
Mazoe's Demure Diana FC, BIF, MC, LCM2
Direct offspring
no data
From same sire and dam:
no data
From same sire (Hawt Rod Lincoln Of Course):
With: Can Ch Mshindaji's Causin' a Storm at Regalcrown
BISS GCh Regalcrown Spirit Wind
With: Ch Arvena Cieply Dom
BISS GCh Regalcrown Blk Shiva Of Course
GCH Regalcrown Blk Swan Of Course
With: Can Ch Mshindaji's Causin' a Storm at Regalcrown
Regalcrown Rider of the Storm
Regalcrown Rainbow Promise
Regalcrown Thunderation
With: Can Ch Armagh's Pyromancer Of Course
Ch. Armagh's Irish Flame Of Course
Suncentral Turnnburn Armagh's Irish Girl Of Course
Armagh's Black Siren Of Course
From same dam (Mazoe's Gold Scimitar Of Course):
no data