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Marsabit Mbungu  

DOB: 09-10-1983
Deceased: -
RegNo: ANKC W735729
Color: -
Country of origin: -
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 2.77%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 91.9%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 57)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
AUSTLCH Trezridge Uekoto
Ulundi Uthaba Tau of Trezridge
Glenaholm Copper Of Gazeley Farm
RHOD CH Glenaholm Strauss Of Inkabusi
Dr Jameson of Gazeley
Glenaholm Claire
Glenaholm Imbali
Glenaholm Roux of Merriwa
CH Glenaholm Tanya of Chienneill
Bannercort Van Ulundi
Dabassa of Owlsmoor
GB CH Ruanda Of Owlsmoor
Huntress of Owlsmoor
Sikota Kate
Serengeti Simba
Sikota of Owlsmoor
Karamojong Almosa
Trezridge Ruanda
Ulundi Uganda
Dabassa of Owlsmoor
Aldonnels Almosa
Ulundi Uitsteekend
Dabassa of Owlsmoor
Aldonnels Almosa
Alkarri Sally
Ridinghills Kachindu
Ridinghills Yafouba
Ridinghills Janak Distinctive
Sikota True
Serengeti Simba
Sikota of Owlsmoor
AUST CH Sebakwe Shirazze
Pronkhuis Mbane
Glenaholm Zokoza
Ch Glenaholm Juma
Mushanas Wizard
Glenaholm Cara
Giya of Glenaholm
Maxwood`s Ampie
Glenaholm McNyaan
Kyaphatsha Isambalo
Alfon Mwambi of Kyaphatsha
Ndaba's Willoughby Dafrique
Bresward's Rebel
Glenaholm Dizani Of Kyaphatsha
Glenaholm Sakaza
Glenaholm Lalela
Sebakwe Saffron
Kinza Carlos of Janak
Houghtonvale Kes
N'Vondo Of Marshelf
Janak Katina
Ridinghills Michelle
CH Janak Kraig
Ridinghills Sofola
Sebakwe Sheba
AUST CH Lionheart Adonis
Sikota Oromedes
Glenrowan Alana
Serengeti Garissa
Serengeti Meru
Serengeti Chala
Direct offspring
With: Ujamaa Pooh
Ujamaa Ceres
Ujamaa Anakie
With: Vishala Bukavu
Groberspals Illusion
From same sire and dam:
AU CH Marsabit Madahiro
From same sire (Trezridge Uekoto):
With: INT NORD UCH Loustigens Golden Janna
Djungelkattens Adorable Ridged Alfa
S INT UCH Djungelkattens Adorable Ridged Alba
Djungelkattens Adorable Ridged Adak
With: Ulundi Ushaba
S UCH Marsabit Melikora
Marsabit Mnegaie
With: S N UCH Djungelkattens Big Box Babette
Djungelkattens Garish Ridged Gordon
With: AU CH Byrine Mshindi
AUSTCH Sandfire Kibo Karamu
With: Ulundi Ushaba
Marsabit Menangani
From same dam (Sebakwe Shirazze):
no data