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Maridadis For Your Eyes Only  

DOB: 17-01-1989
Deceased: -
RegNo: 09821/89
Color: Weathen
Country of origin: Norway
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 3.97%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 87.1%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 54)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
Mkishi's Djan of Janak
Nhema Of Gunthwaite
ZA CH Challengers Chipo
SA CH Chipinga Of Mpani
Mpani's Rip of Colemo
Caldrees Matilda of Mpani
Mukadzi Cherry
Mpanis Malo
Mudzani Anosara
Tara of Rekaylahn
Mpanis Malo
Lord Sam
Etosha of Mpani
Mushana Mafuro
Mushana Starr Jameson
ch Glenaholm Lady Muck Of Mushana
Janak Maja Of Mkishi
GB CH S N UCH NORD V-83-84 Rooinek Jason Of Janak
GB CH Mkishi's Nallim Mhlekazi
S AFR CH Komkhulu's Imbeko
S AFR CH Nallim Kade
Janak Purdey Of Rooinek
GB CH Janak Piedt
Janak Lynn
Janak Madeleine
Pygmy Overlord Of Kenstaff
GB CH Janak Piedt
Penny Of Pyewipe
INT NORD UCH Sanjika Nandiswaya Of Janak
GB CH Janak Piedt
Starlight Sprite
NUCH Maridadis Come To Us Pendadottir
N UCH Maridadis Beautiful Tai
GB CH Rejan Mandingo
Mac Of Resan
Mteni Rufus
Starlight Lucky
Rejan Supergirl
Ionian Major
GB CH Ridinghills Juliana
GB CH N UCH Nordostufial Liza Of Janak
GB CH Mkishi's Nallim Mhlekazi
S AFR CH Komkhulu's Imbeko
S AFR CH Nallim Kade
GB CH Rhoda Of Janak
GB CH Footpath Freetrader Of Janak
Penny Of Pyewipe
INT NORD UCH Penda Sana Of Janak
GB CH Janak Piedt
GB CH Janak Leader
Janak Hoghtonvale Kes
Janak Lee
Hoghtonvale Kit Of Janak
GB CH Fundu Of Footpath
Janak Katina
Suzeraine Of Janak
Umtali Guardsman Of Janak
Zuagli M'tombi
Leonore Of Lyonesse
Jaytees Simba Temba
Ridinghills Donavon
Atala's Barbella
Direct offspring
With: Afrikana's Shangani
NUCH Maridadis Helges Venn Richi
Maridadis Happy Lady
Maridadis Harmony Frida
Maridadis Hawaiian Flight
Maridadis Hound Rodesi
Maridadis Hugin
N UCH Maridadis Hwanges Jura
Maridadis Høvding
With: N UCH Nyassa Kanto
Maridadis Iman
Maridadis Individualist
Maridadis Indy Rikkes Dottir
Maridadis Inka
Maridadis Invincible Shamrock
Maridadis Irrepressible Bianca
Maridadis Irresistable Munin
Maridadis Jambo Kesi
Maridadis Janko
Maridadis Jasiri
Maridadis Jasmin
FIN UCH Maridadis Jiwe La Thamani
Maridadis Joker-balder
Maridadis Jonas
From same sire and dam:
Maridadis Fabulous Karma
Maridadis Fantastic Lissi
Maridadis Fant
Maridadis Fascinating Aria
Maridadis Felix Van Der Hart
Maridadis Flashy Don Johnson
N S UCH Maridadis Florence Fandango
Maridadis Forever Amber Jolene
Maridadis Foxy
Maridadis Francis Anja
Maridadis Gaia
N S UCH Maridadis Gina
Maridadis Gino
Maridadis Glorious Richie
Maridadis Gorgeous Lazy Lady
Maridadis Graceful Lanja
Maridadis Great Biko
From same sire (Mkishi's Djan of Janak):
With: S UCH Phuma's Jane
Phuma's Little Joe
With: Jessica of Eagleridge
Red Baron of Linecroft
With: INT N S UCH Mwindaji Wa Simba's Sweet Cotra
Ridgeland's Wega
Ridgeland's Aron
Ridgeland's Titan Zico
Ridgeland's Leda
With: N UCH Maridadis Bianca Jannes Fortuna
Ridgefaret's Big Boss
Ridgefaret's Blondie
With: N S UCH Katina Of Harestua
With: Nordostufial Laara Of Janak
Ridgefaret's Dreaming Sarek
Ridgefaret's Dreaming Samson
Ridgefaret's Django
Ridgefaret's Dreaming Satz
Ridgefaret's Dreaming Wanda
Ridgefaret's Donna Victoria
Ridgefaret's Dreaming Femme
Ridgefaret's Elegante Selma
Ridgefaret's Lady Emerald
Ridgefaret's Elegante Harley
Ridgefaret's Elegante Janco
Ridgefaret's Eilack
From same dam (Maridadis Come To Us Pendadottir):
With: N UCH Gunthwaite Arrogance
S UCH Maridadis Ego Gubben
Maridadis Elegant Sheeba
Maridadis Entertaining Leo
Maridadis Ester
Maridadis Eventyr Prins Ole Brumm
N UCH Maridadis Ever Hungry Shako
Maridadis Ever Joyful Ronja
Maridadis Exciting Rango