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Am ch Am gr ch Makaita's Amahle Amelia of Shalita  

DOB: 25-08-2016
Deceased: -
RegNo: NO52080/16
Color: Weathen
Country of origin: Norway
Owner : -
Breeder : Makaita
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 1.17%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 96.8%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 60)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
Se vch Se uch Anzantras Howlin Pelle
N UCH Exgate's Unique Simba By Nelvis
Exgate's Unique Simba By Nelvis
Ökensandens Star Nelvis Von Wasco
S N UCH SV-04 Djungelkattens Wasco Da Persbrandt
INT NORD DK LUX UCH KBHV03 Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron NV-01-02-03
NORD UCH FI V-03 Zumeli's Ashiki
Ahali Fani's Skippy
Witches Lecreme's Trick
N S UCH NORDV-99 Ökensandens Aminata Jarizza
Exgate's Queen Tuija By Forrest
AU CH Ozrhode Ari Mystic Fate E T
CH Caprivi Inside Edge
Ozrhode Midas Touch
Exgate's Masked Madame
NORD UCH Deschamp Zeus
N UCH Masithela's Chewy
Anzantras Subira Serafina
Anzantras Subira Serafina
FI UCH SE UCH Rex Ventors Orlando
Kinyemi Fora C'huluku
AT INT CSSP HU VDH CH Chipangali's Kadani
DK S UCH Kinyemi Anzi A'fora
NORD UCH NV-04 Rex Ventors Iyeliz
N DK UCH NORDV-02 NORDUV-02 NV-04 Masithela's Famous Akinzo By Woody
NORD INT UCH VCH SV-97 NV-98 Bearstar Diamond Willow FINV-98-99-00
Anzantras Constanzia
SE UCH Hayawani Cheko Zulayhka
Umbani Caibo
Hayawani Zenzele Moyozi
Anzantras Hopeful Hopi
S VCH SUCH Alfalyans Phoenix
FI UCH LPI SE UCH Rex Ventors Elantra
N UCH RLII AD Afland's Bushira Shalita
Afland's Bushira Shalita
AU CH Sarula Lupani Biko
AU CH Chilolo Boomerang
Jomeja Yancy
AU CH Etosha Nikazi
AU UCH Tirchie Al Talika
AU CH Chilolo Charm
AU CH Etosha Nikazi
CH Chilolo Karoo
ZW CH Sarula Gukatiwa
ZW CH Rustig Mooketsi Of Sarula
SA CH Pronkberg Matange
Pronkberg Rusvinga
ZW CH Mushana Ranzi Of Sarula
ZIMBCH Mukani Of Mushana
ZIMBCH Chiremba Nembo Of Mushana
NORD UCH NVV-13 Vereus Qoya Hildegarde
N DK UCH NORDV-02 NORDUV-02 NV-04 Masithela's Famous Akinzo By Woody
AM CA INT CH Wetu Of Kalahari
AM CH Crescent's The Power Of Gold ROM (RRCUS)
AM CH Kalahari Abeni Tshokoleti
N DK UCH NORDV-98 Ami Sariba N V-00
AM CH Wyndrunhr's Inyangani Jasper
N UCH Exgate's Heartbreaker Called Punky
Such,Dkuch Vereus Qoyas Jura
INT S DK N FIN CH VDH NL BE LU Kinyemi Anzi A'bhubesi
INT NORD FIN GBVDH CH NORDV-99 Aakemba King Astor Gi' Fumo
Zumeli`s Anzika
S UCH Evergraces The Golden Queen Of Inka
S UCH SV-96 Step Side's Second Sir Hamilton
Zambezi's Dancing Queen
Direct offspring
no data
From same sire and dam:
Makaita's Amahle Jølle by Nasir
Makaita's Amahle Kamali of Shalita
Makaita's Amahle Lora of Shalita
Makaita's Amahle Ekira of Shalita
Nord uch SeW-18 NjW-17 RL1 Makaita's Amahle Wadiwa of Shalita RuBISS-18
Makaita's Amahle Nikki of Shalita
From same sire (Anzantras Howlin Pelle):
no data
From same dam (Afland's Bushira Shalita):
no data