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Harmakhis Wisdom Amarone Moki  

DOB: 22-10-2016
Deceased: -
RegNo: -
Color: Red Wheaten
Country of origin: Italy
Owner : -
Breeder : Harmakhis Wisdom
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 95.2%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 59)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
SE VCH NORDJV-14 RidgeRules Ifa My Treasure
RidgeRules Ifa My Treasure
SE VCH Prästens Le Roy Light Of Argos
INT NORD UCH SE N VCH Dea Decora's Argos
N UCH Krismidt's Dancing Duke
ZA ZW CH Globe's Roving Red Regent
N UCH Nyamanjis African Lady Zulu
Afrikana's Akamba
INTNORDDKUCHSV94NORDV958NV96 Parih's Ghali-m'zungu
Sakubonas Maiden
Djungelkattens Windflower To Priest
INT NORD DK LUX UCH KBHV03 Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron NV-01-02-03
US CH SA CH Karoskloof Bayezana Naka
US CH Nomvuyo Tikkun
NORD UCH FI V-03 Zumeli's Ashiki
S UCH Marsabit Melikora
INT DK D S UCH VV-EUV-KBHV-94 Kijasaman Dikimba Zuri
Eyes Catcher Out Of Africa
SE N UCH Rijstone Aussie Rules
AU CH Kargnieulan Hugo A Gogo
AU CH Elangeni Elvis
Kargnieulan Montana
Rijstone Mtilda O Samara (AI)
CA CH Shangara's Mukuru of Samara
AU CH Rijstone Buyani
Victoria Falls Out Of Africa
NT UCH SE UCH Rolling's Jungle Baloo
CH Applegarth Trespassers W
Rolling's Wheatenridge Tula
FR CH Ouanga Out Of Africa
INT VDH B F L CH Zumeli's Ajabu
CH Maramba De Teufelsort
INT - SLO - ita- Harmakhis Wisdom Quasha
Harmakhis Wisdom Quasha
IT SL AT INT RS HR VDH CH CH - top dog Pronkberg Makari
Pronkberg Makari
SA CH Apalachee Umqolo Of Pronkberg
SA CH Pronkberg Matange
Pronkberg Sango
ZA CH Ingwe Of Pronkberg
Kulima Zena
ZA CH Komkhulu's Nkosana
Siaram Jalla Of Kulima
Sarula Gwiza Of Pronkberg
ZW CH Rustig Mooketsi Of Sarula
SA CH Pronkberg Matange
Pronkberg Rusvinga
ZW CH Mushana Ranzi Of Sarula
ZIMBCH Mukani Of Mushana
ZIMBCH Chiremba Nembo Of Mushana
Gpe- Ch Smr Harmakhis Wisdom Leeba
AU CH Sarula Lupani Biko
AU CH Chilolo Boomerang
Jomeja Yancy
AU CH Chilolo Charm
ZW CH Sarula Gukatiwa
ZW CH Rustig Mooketsi Of Sarula
ZW CH Mushana Ranzi Of Sarula
Ch.INT, Ch.AUT , Ch.DEU , Ch.ESP , Ch. Shangani Pansa-dafina IT ES INT NL SM UCH
INT FR LU CZ ES DE CH Umvutcha Matopo
INT IT UCH -HR-SLO- Maya Delle Cime Bianche
Xibridge Delle Cime Bianche
CH IT INT RIP Chamilla Delle Cime Bianche
Direct offspring
With: Jelany Red Olivia Godsent
Godsent Muse Delightful Delani
Godsent Muse Daenerys
From same sire and dam:
Harmakhis Wisdom Amarone Malka Moon
From same sire (RidgeRules Ifa My Treasure):
With: DKJV-13 RidgeRules Tell Hera you Love Her
Ridgerules Keep On Wishing
S JW-19 Nord W-19 Ridgerules RV Next Move
From same dam (Harmakhis Wisdom Quasha):
With: Makao Line Atuin Art
C.I.B VDH AT CH SM UCH Harmakhis Wisdom Aurora Falko Kai
With: Makao Line Atuin Art
IT-INT-HR-SLO-EDS-TOP DOG -NOR-DAN- CRUFTS.BOB2018 Harmakhis Wisdom Aurora Fosca
IT-INT--SLO-EDS 2018-TOP DOG- ENCI WINNER Harmakhis Wisdom Aurora Floyd