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Eilack Apollo  

DOB: -
Deceased: -
RegNo: KCP3263205
Color: Weathen
Country of origin: -
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0.1%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 98.4%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 61)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
GB CH Ulundi Ushumba Of Eilack
S A CH Shangara's Checheni
Shangara's Checheni
Mushanas Wizard
Bones of Brookdene
Mpani's Rip of Colemo
Golden Pelt of Arbor
Mushana Fiona
RHOD CH Glenaholm Strauss Of Inkabusi
Golden Pandora of Inkabusi
Glenaholm's Shona Of Shangari
Glenaholm Sakaza
Sandy of Robanton
Glenaholm Cara
Glenaholm Lalela
Yaligimba's Budi
Glenaholm Khanya
Hawarden Clarissa Of Ulundi
KUSA444623 Maxwoods Bhubesi Of Hawarden
Glenaholm Gawain
Alfon Mwambi of Kyaphatsha
Glenaholm Naomi
Maxwood Natasha
Basil of Sperling
Glenaholm's Tombalan Of Hawarden
Glenaholm Attis of Pamparidge
Glenaholm Lalela
Bryanridge Boadicia of Glenaholm
Komkhulu`s Isihlobo of Glenaholm
Maxwood`s Taundi Of Bryanridge
M'tandi Of Eilack
Bizweni N'Kosi M'Kulu
Eilack Saul
Rafters Moby
Kariba Ambassador
Farandole of Footpath
Eureka of Eilack
Simba of Garan
Siteku of Owlsmoor
Rhosaf Ika
Rhosaf Godwa
Rory of Mpani
Tammy of Rusdane
Groovy Of Kiltor
CH Impi Of Owlsmoor
Tsavo Of Owlsmoor
Tawny Lady of Rejan
GB CH Rejan Mandingo
Mac Of Resan
Mteni Rufus
Starlight Lucky
Rejan Supergirl
Ionian Major
GB CH Ridinghills Juliana
Burncote Becky
Umkana N'danga
Timar Moko
Atala`s Sparkle
Burncote Fantasy
Gunthwaite Amacuba
Houghtonvale Shirrogo
Direct offspring
With: Ujamaa Ceres
AU CH Bearstar Ko
From same sire and dam:
CH Eilack of Shimoni
From same sire (Ulundi Ushumba Of Eilack):
With: Adaba Melody Fair Of Janak
GB CH Iannto Of Janak
With: Nordostufial Suza
Nordostufial Laara Of Janak
With: Kwanda of Eilack
Eilack Indiana
With: Kinza High Society
GB CH Mangwe Chipembwe
With: Wolfridge Africa
Hespa Sabie
With: Tarhaan Victoria
Ulemu of Eilack
With: Nordostufial Suza
Nordostufial Mshaufu
Nordostufial Kiraka
With: Jila of Eilack
Eilack Chiku
Eilack Sheba
From same dam (M'tandi Of Eilack):
no data