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SUCH NordV-03 SV-03 Djungelkattens Superridged Sauvage  

DOB: -
Deceased: -
RegNo: S30670/2000
Color: Weathen
Country of origin: Sweden
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 91.9%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 57)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
AM CA INT CH Wetu Of Kalahari
AM CH Crescent's The Power Of Gold
AM CH Mine Creek's Pay Dirt
Kwetu's Pocket Full Of Promise
AM CH ROM (RRCUS) Rutan Mpenzi Rafiki of Gera BIS, BISS
US CH Kwetu Koya's Patriot
CH Sweetharts Serenade
AM CH ROM (RRCUS) Rutan Mpenzi Rafiki of Gera BIS, BISS
CH Kimani`s Sweetheart Princess
AM CH Freland's Dawn's Pride
AM CH Talltimbers Argonaut
Talltimbers Marcus Aurelius
Parochetti`s Pride
AM CH Freland's Dawn
AM CH ROM (RRCUS) Rutan Mpenzi Rafiki of Gera BIS, BISS
CH Gera`s Elsa of Freland ROM
AM CH Kalahari Abeni Tshokoleti
AM CH Kwetu's Kalahari Karavan
Kwetu's Pocket Full Of Promise
AM CH ROM (RRCUS) Rutan Mpenzi Rafiki of Gera BIS, BISS
US CH Kwetu Koya's Patriot
USCH Kwetu Ruffian's Dark Mirage
CH Rolling`s Ubora
CH Kwetu Koya`s Ruffian ROM
Kalahari Chocolate Chip
US CH Turoka Globe's Casino Renose
AM CH Kali's Reno Of Arkenstone
US CH Kimbida's Crackling Rose
Kalahari Chiku Charangi
AM CH Rawhide's The Kalahari Kid Cd
CH Kalahari Chiku Bashashi CD
NORD UCH FI V-03 Zumeli's Ashiki
S UCH Marsabit Melikora
AUSTLCH Trezridge Uekoto
Ulundi Uthaba Tau of Trezridge
Glenaholm Copper Of Gazeley Farm
Bannercort Van Ulundi
Karamojong Almosa
Trezridge Ruanda
Alkarri Sally
Ulundi Ushaba
S A CH Shangara's Checheni
Mushanas Wizard
Glenaholm's Shona Of Shangari
Hawarden Clarissa Of Ulundi
KUSA444623 Maxwoods Bhubesi Of Hawarden
Glenaholm's Tombalan Of Hawarden
INT DK D S UCH VV-EUV-KBHV-94 Kijasaman Dikimba Zuri
DKCH KBHV91-92 Mushana Jango
ZIMBCH Mukani Of Mushana
Mushana Daktari
Abelenburg Beatrix
ZIMBCH Chiremba Nembo Of Mushana
DKCH KBHV92-93-95 Kiljasaman Bine
DK UCH LPI Bitte-Nus Kijana
Umvuma Ipi-Tombi
Samanthas Show Stoper
GB CH S N UCH NORD V-83-84 Rooinek Jason Of Janak
INT NORD UCH NV-82 Loustigens Fair Georgina
Direct offspring
With: Unknown
FIN CH, EE CH Malozi Ghanima
FIN&EST CH, FIN JW- 06, FIN W- Malozi Gimli
With: INT NORD DK UCH N S VCH Dea Decora's Biscuit
S N UCH S VCH NORDJV-06 Murumbis Arrow With Aim By Biscuit
Murumbis Aston Martin By Biscuit
With: Ridgebow's Cajsa Of Simon
Ridgebow's Imazi of Sauvage
With: Blomsterängens Comeback To Alfalyan
S VCH SUCH Alfalyans Phoenix
Alfalyans Pumba
Alfalyans Pintus
Alfalyans Party
Alfalyans Pollux
From same sire and dam:
S FIN UCH S VCH Djungelkattens Superridged Spirit
Djungelkattens Superridged Sabrina
Djungelkattens Superridged Scorpio
Djungelkattens Superridged Sirocco
From same sire (Wetu Of Kalahari):
With: N DK UCH NORDV-98 Ami Sariba N V-00
N UCH NORDUV-02 Masithela's Famous Zarabi By Woody
With: N DK UCH NORDV-98 Ami Sariba N V-00
N DK UCH NORDV-02 NORDUV-02 NV-04 Masithela's Famous Akinzo By Woody
Masithela's Famous Shan By Woody
Masithela's Famous Jamal By Woody
Masithela's Famous Kanzi By Woody
With: INT N S FIN UCH Sixemm Kissedby Anangel
INT NORD UCH KBHV-04 Kamba Anatulinda's E'zena
Kamba Anatulinda's Ezi
Kamba Anatulinda's E'jaro
Kamba Anatulinda's Enzi
Kamba Anatulinda's E'wilma
Kamba Anatulinda's E'queen Of Rain
Kamba Anatulinda's E'taimi
Kamba Anatulinda's Echo
Kamba Anatulinda's Ema Lisimba
With: N UCH Masithela's Esitha Chamika
Masithela's Jelani Aro By Woody
Masithela's Jemond Shaggy By Woody
With: SUCH Djungelkattens Zuluridged Zelda
Kamba Anatulinda's He Is Leon
Kamba Anatulinda's Hima
Kamba Anatulinda's Hodari Cooper
Kamba Anatulinda's Halisi
Kamba Anatulinda's Hazina
Kamba Anatulinda's Hiba
Kamba Anatulinda's Hidi
Kamba Anatulinda's Hedaya
Kamba Anatulinda's Holly
From same dam (Zumeli's Ashiki):
With: INT NORD DK LUX UCH KBHV03 Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron NV-01-02-03
Djungelkattens Woopi Goldberg
S N UCH SV-04 Djungelkattens Wasco Da Persbrandt
Djungelkattens Windflower To Priest