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Cocopops Aprotinin  

DOB: 20-06-2016
Deceased: -
RegNo: FI41550/16
Color: wheaten
Country of origin: Finland
Owner : Cocopops
Breeder : Cocopops
HD A/B JME CLEAR More info https://kennelcocopops.weebly.com/hubert.html

COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 100%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 62)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
Artaban Cieply Dom
BISS, BPISS Ch The Black Pearl Of Course
The Black Pearl Of Course
Paradigm's Total Chaos Reigns
Ridgelea's Shakar Viken
Crosswicks Time Loves a Hero
Ridgelea's Saber Sharpest Edge
CH Sienna's Roxanne Of Paradigm
US CH Kimani's Sharper Image
Sienna's Seminole Wind
CH Granby Red Jade of Course
Ch Kopera's Gusto Of Course
CH Rajataru's El Toro
CH Wheatenridge's Challenger
Granby Jakkals Mafaro
Rainbow's Bosveldt Jakkals
Hottentots Langpoot Penelope
PL Ch Maendeleo A-team Angel Dreamgirl
US CH Nashira's Zinfully Good Juba Lee
US CH Juba Lee's What About Bob CD
US CH Oakhurst Kukosa Dreyfus
US CH Juba Lee Esprite Of Oakhurst
US CH Nashira's Private Collection
US CH Spring Valley's Merlin Of Nashira Jc
US CH Damietta Of Nashira
NORD UCH NV-08 NORDJV-07 Kangelani's Gentle Grace By Clay
ZA ZW CH Globe's Roving Red Regent
US CH Royalton's Blue Max
US CH Globe's Calia Toi Soldier
INT NORD UCH KBHV-04 Kamba Anatulinda's E'zena
AM CA INT CH Wetu Of Kalahari
INT N S FIN UCH Sixemm Kissedby Anangel
EE FI CH Vastakarva Charlotta Af Minos
SUCH African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill
Ridgebow's Hogan Heart Of Akeron
INT NORD DKUCH FIN S V-01 VV02 Rex Ventors Akeron
S FIN UCH Djungelkattens Imbue Ridged Isak
NORD INT UCH VCH SV-97 NV-98 Bearstar Diamond Willow FINV-98-99-00
SUCH Lövfällan's Quid Pro Quo
GR CH Hagal Ismarus Of Lionhill
DK UCH SE UCH Lövfällan's Kamomille
Karyamba's Bonnie
Athos Anashinda
AM CH Wyndrunhr's Inyangani Jasper
Exgate's Exotic Punky
S UCH Mankoya's Beatrice
S UCH Savanne's Rai
S UCH Parih's Eileen-phoebe
Babe Candy Helya Ridge
INT EE LV NORD UCH SV-05 FIV07 Tarujen Mabaru FINV-03 SV-03-05-LVV-05 BH TK1
AU CH Rijstone Var Lord
Amashutu Wild Geese
AU CH Rijstone Buyani
FI Ch, FINJW-00 Tarujen Jamila
SA CH Apalachee Umqolo Of Pronkberg
FIN UCH Aslan's Dolly Of Ikimba
INT CZ S A H UCH Tusani Ani Pink Lady
US I CH Bango Leoridge
US CH Filmmaker's Never Surrender
I CH Keenya Aries Blossom Of Zeus
INT CH S H Macumazahn Tusani Pearl
AU CH Ozrhode Ari Mystic Fate E T
AU CH Macumazahn Pearl Jam
Direct offspring
no data
From same sire and dam:
Cocopops Alfentanil
Cocopops Amantadine
Cocopops Amitraz
Cocopops Atipamezole
Cocopops Azlocillin
Cocopops Abamectin
Cocopops Acepromazine
Cocopops Acetylcysteine
Cocopops Agmatine
Cocopops Alprazolam
Cocopops Amiodarone
Cocopops Apomorphine
Cocopops Ascorbic Acid
From same sire (Artaban Cieply Dom):
With: Badawi Manwë
Fumi Skye Manwë
With: Elina Queen of the red Lion Hunter
Good Hope at Kuraman of the red Lion Hunter
With: Es Ebony Tatranska Africa
Am Ch Art Deco Bilo Obora
With: African Dream Awena Xola of Muna ya Kusini
Cradock SA Cate Colette
From same dam (Vastakarva Charlotta Af Minos):
With: Dream Come True By Qwandoya
Cocopops Be Cool
Cocopops Beauty And The Beast
Cocopops Black Swan
Cocopops Breakfast At Tiffanys
Cocopops Back To The Future
Cocopops Bad Boys
Cocopops Batman Begins
Cocopops Ben-Hur
Cocopops Beverly Hills Cop
Cocopops Big Fish
Cocopops Black Knight
Cocopops Bodyguard
Cocopops Boogieman