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Brown Tail's Amber  

DOB: 08-07-2017
Deceased: -
RegNo: NO47646/17
Color: Weathen
Country of origin: Norway
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0.24%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 100%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 62)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
RUCH Fich Slo CH SVCH Ave Caesar Armagniac
Ave Caesar Armagniac
INT LT LV RU UA SE UCH Fi ch rWW-13 Maiden's Kalahari Kandy
Maiden's Kalahari Kandy
Maiden's Incredible Indy
SE VCH Alfalyans Midas
Alfalyans Hole In One
Alfalyans Fortuna Dalla Svezia
Maiden's Exlibris Eliza
NUCH Mandela
SE UCH Maiden's Adventure Azzaritza
Maiden's Highlight Hayden
NORDUCH SVCH Hayawani Zamburo Moyo
Amukela Mambana Anzu
Saragwe Nozipo Mwingereza
SE UCH Maiden's Charming Christa
Arcanas Carouso
S N UCH Evergraces Sweet Marilyn Monroe
C.I.B. RU/BY.UA/GEO/MKD/BG CH v LV CH Podarok Iz Afriki Bliss Bounty
Podarok Iz Afriki Bliss Bounty
ZA CH Shangara Sabhuku
Demundeville Kaela
Exotic Land Eden
Kefa Boy of Kwazulu
Verbus Viola Ekzotic
BG CH BY CH MD CH RU CH UA CH Glenaholm Molao
Glenaholm Moscow Of Hoerop
Glenaholm Jarred of Yupyupper
Glenaholm Msasah
Glenaholm Jesica
ZA ZW CH Rekaylahn Jabulisa Of Clachan
Glenaholm Japho
Masithela's Xcellent Akili
US N UCH Mahaba's Lamarde Perro Charleston
US CH Lamarde Perro Sir Lancelot
US CH Rivercity's Travlin Man JC
CH Pheron's Connor Mestizo ROM
US CH Starland's Amanda Snugglewith ROM JC
US CH Lamarde Perro Gladys
CH Starland's Mello Gold JC, ROM
US CH Lamarde Perro Linda
US CH Rokishoals Best Kept Secret
US CH Simbali Repo Man JC
US CH Simbali The Outlander
US CH Kimani's Double Image
US CH Rokishoals Rumor Has It ROM
US CH Chuckwagon's I Will
US CH Rokishoals Crimson Kwetu
Masithela's Red Ami Samira
Kangelani's Impressive Leon
Ch.INT Интернациональный Чемпион, Ch.AUT , Ch.HUN , Ch.DEU , Ch. Ascot Alta Mirano
Ch.INT , Ch.HUN , Ch.POL , Ch. SVK , Ch.CZE , Amal Silesian Harta
Agnieszka Viva Christo
NORD UCH Kangelani's Fiselo Filicia
INT NORD FIN UCH NV-05-06 Masithela's Irresistible Chango NORDV-06 NVV-11 NVV-12
INT NORD UCH KBHV-04 Kamba Anatulinda's E'zena
N UCH NORDUV-02 Masithela's Famous Zarabi By Woody
AM CA INT CH Wetu Of Kalahari
AM CH Crescent's The Power Of Gold ROM (RRCUS)
AM CH Kalahari Abeni Tshokoleti
N DK UCH NORDV-98 Ami Sariba N V-00
AM CH Wyndrunhr's Inyangani Jasper
N UCH Exgate's Heartbreaker Called Punky
Direct offspring
With: Amatonga's Golden Boy Oscar to RD
Dinkamerat Aras
Dinkamerat Ala
Dinkamerat Angel
From same sire and dam:
Brown Tail's Abella
Brown Tail's Angel
Brown Tail's Anna
Brown Tail's Arya
Brown Tail's Apple
Brown Tail's Amy
Brown Tail's Aqua
Brown Tail's Amira
From same sire (Ave Caesar Armagniac):
With: Glåpens Crow
Ze Zavannens Casa Mia Picasso
From same dam (Masithela's Xcellent Akili):
With: Mkondo Wa Simba Juuchaka
Brown Tail's Bella
Brown Tail's Brownie
Brown Tail's Brook
Brown Tail's Bandit
Brown Tail's Boss
Brown Tail's Bart
Brown Tail's Baloo
Brown Tail's Bandi
Brown Tail's Beauty
Brown Tail's Bark
Brown Tail's Bruno
Brown Tail's Buuchaka